We want you to know that OH3, and your brethren in Africa, appreciate your sacrifice. To show that appreciation we’d like to offer you a free gift.

·   For every PARTNER who contributes $200, or more to our operating expenses, and

·   For every VOLUNTEER who commits to $50 per month for one year to feed a family,

… we’d like to offer an authentic African bracelet. This wrist band, woven by hand in the bush and worn by both men and women there, is an actual band made of Giraffe or Elephant hair (depending on availability). It is absolutely cool! We hope it will serve several purposes --

·   To say thank you for your financial sacrifice.

·   To serve as a reminder of Christians who are suffering.

·   To serve as a symbol of your loving link to Africa and OH3.

·   And to serve as a unique conversation starter about this effort when others see it on your wrist.

PARTNER donations to our operating fund of $200 or more will be duly noted and your authentic bush wrist band will be sent out by return mail. If you are a VOLUNTEER and committing to a year of feeding a family, please enclose a note in the envelope with your donation stating your intentions. That way your commitment will also be noted and your wrist band sent out to you immediately.

The story of the Elephant Hair Bracelet...........

For over 1200 years African mythology has believed that the connection between heaven and earth is the elephant.

It was believed that by wearing a bracelet you will be prosperous and healthy and not become sick or poor. The various strands of hair were believed to represent various aspects of your life: health, wealth, love, well being, and harmony.

The African Elephant Hair Bracelet is extremely durable. Tail hairs are used to make the Elephant and Giraffe Hair Bracelets and can reach more than 3 feet in length. The Elephant hair varies from brown to black and rarely white. The hairs are collected in National Parks and reserves from areas around trees where the elephant rubs. No Elephants or Giraffes are harmed in collecting these hairs.

Each bracelet is unique and a very special piece of unisex jewelry because no two bracelets are the same! They are adjustable and have no clasp. Once you put these bracelets on you never have to take it off again. After all, if the elephant could wear it in the rain, why can’t you wear it in the shower? The Elephant Hair Bracelet is universally worn by both men and women. It is not only different but also very fashionable!

We here at OH3 are not advocating the pagan origins of the bracelet, and neither do the Christians who wear it in the bush. Since we are using it as a tie to your African work we wanted you to know the origin of this piece of adornment in that culture. In some African nations this bracelet is illegal to obtain at all. Today this bracelet is sold as an African souvenir in Zimbabwe (not a religious symbol) and is likewise sold as a fashion statement (not a religious symbol) by any number of African Jewelry merchants online. We offer it in the same spirit as charm bracelets, unicorns, peace signs (Egyptian ankh), and four leaf clovers.  It has no supernatural meaning for the one who places his trust in God. But it IS a cool reminder of your African connection.