Open Hearts, Helping Hands is a volunteer effort of individuals helping New Testament Christians in need. We do not solicit or accept funds from any church. There are still a couple of things that you can do however.

  • You can spread the word in your church about this need. Encourage brothers and sisters to visit this website and commit to helping other Christians. For about the cost of eating out once a month here in the U.S. ($50), they can feed a Christian family for an entire month.

  • If your congregation would like to assist in this effort of benevolence via the church treasury we can provide the names of tested and trusted men that OH3 uses to purchase and deliver food to saints. OH3 will not handle your money but pertinent information such as wire fees, transport costs, food costs, email addresses and PO boxes are all provided freely, to assist our brethren and glorify our Lord. Simply contact Mike Divis, by email at mikyyyd@aol.com for that information.

    Several have asked about tracts or material to use as handouts to advertise OH3 and this need. At this moment we don’t have tracts available to hand out although we think that is a great idea and as time permits we would love to move in that direction. One idea that we think will work is a flyer that can be printed right off this website. It is a PDF formatted informational sheet that can be printed right off the website and either handed out or posted on church bulletin boards, if you wish. To download the PDF, click here.