I believe it was John Wayne who once said, “It’s not bragging, if it’s true.”  I’m not sure about that, but I am sure about this claim that we make. Before I explain, let me apologize on behalf of ignorant brethren, who I understand have made public statements around the country in reporting on the work in Africa, that accuse us of falsehood and have simply stated that such is not possible. I want to apologize for their ignorance because to my knowledge they have not talked with anyone at OH3 or asked how we do what we do. They have simply decided that their way of doing things is the best and only way and no other way can be possible. They don’t mean to speak untruth, I’m sure, or to accuse us falsely. They simply don’t know any better. Please excuse their ignorance.

Now to explain. First, we don’t claim that 100% of our funding goes to food.  I challenge anyone to find that claim on this website anywhere.  What we actually claim is that 100% of any food donations go to food and transport (transporting the money and food).  How do we do that, you ask?

OH3 is presently a staff of four, Mike Divis our traffic director, Carl McMurray, operations and website director, Jeanne Sullivan, overseeing the Zim food account in Florida, and Brooke Thomas, a professional accountant to keep us legal and the IRS happy.  Our messengers on the ground in Africa are all preachers of upstanding reputation who are already involved in assisting their brethren for love, not for hire. NO ONE receives any wages for their efforts. EVERYONE is happy to volunteer their efforts on behalf of brothers and sisters in dire need. Therefore none of your food donations go to “wages” for anyone in the organization.

From time to time, there ARE unscheduled fees to be paid. There are IRS fees, filing fees to be a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization, accounting fees (when Brooke Thomas has to use the services of her employing accounting company in matters she cannot handle on her own) printing fees, bank fees, advertising,  and phone reimbursement for Mike Divis to stay in touch with our men in Africa. To provide for these organizational necessities OH3 has a completely separate bank account in Indiana. From time to time thoughtful souls will send us funds and specifically direct those funds to go into the operations account. We are grateful for these business savvy individuals who keep our head above water. We also have much help in keeping these expenses low. Spiritbuilding.com provides the web space for free. Brooke Thomas consistently refuses to charge us, or undercharges us for her important services. D&E Printing in Brownsburg, IN (DandEprinting.com) is our loved and OFFICIAL printer who has been able to provide for our printing needs free of charge, even in this downturned economy. The owner Eric Mizell is an outstanding Christian and we appreciate his services and those of our sister, Brooke Thomas. My point however is that these  “extra” costs are paid for out of a completely separate bank account in Indiana, not the food account in Florida. I repeat myself when I say that none of your food donations go to any “organizational” costs of this project.

And so, with a lot of help and the specific donations of some, we are able to make this promise that 100% of any donations for food will go to food and transport. We are truly the definition of a non-profit organization. Nobody gets paid from money you intend to feed Christians with. No fees are paid, no reimbursements are made. That is all taken care of by the operations account.

We hope this explains the matter and that somehow, sometime, word might filter back to our detractors that if you do not know what you’re talking about, it would probably be better to just say “I don’t know.”