FAQ  6 - ARE WHITES WELCOME IN ZIMBABWE? “It is being reported that Whites are not welcome in Zimbabwe and their presence is a danger not only for themselves but for the Zimbabwe brethren. Is this true?”

Answer:  There is a lot of misinformation circulating.  Much of the information may have been accurate at one time, such as when the elections were taking place, but that was just for a limited time.  Travel was safe during September ’08 and neither we nor the brethren were ever in danger.  I have great confidence in the judgment of the men on the ground in Zimbabwe.  They know the situation and they have advised us when it is not safe, so we do not go into those areas.  Such was the case when I (M. Divis) was there in early March ‘08, right before the elections.  We canceled several trips for that reason, but as of September ‘08, all is at peace and we traveled with no hindrance - only a few police road blocks, which the men there were able to deal with easily, most of the time passing with just a wave of the hand. The brethren welcomed us and actually asked us to stay longer and visit more places than we had the time to do.