“Aren't multiplied thousands of dollars already being sent into Zimbabwe from churches and brethren?”

In a word, yes. In September ’08 we were able to observe and ask questions about the help that is being sent into Zim. We found three main methods being used.

  • Money is being sent by the hand of preacher/messengers and being handed out. This method works but some preachers are only visiting every six months or a year and that is a long time to wait when you’re hungry.

  • Thousands of dollars per month is being funneled through one American preacher and through him to one African preacher who is distributing funds among congregations in the south. This was the last area we visited in September ’08 and we went there to preach, having given out all our benevolence because we were assured that money had been sent to this area and the brethren were cared for. We found, to our dismay, the same tales of hunger. We confirmed through a number of different brethren from different congregations in different parts of this area that by the time the “thousands” filtered down to individual Christians they were receiving from $120 Zim to $150 Zim, amounting to about $.25 US per Christians. You’re reading that right, a quarter. Since just a loaf of bread costs 10 times that amount, this was not accomplishing a thing to help. We are not accusing anyone and we certainly will not explain how this is happening. We are just reporting the facts on the ground as we found them. Let the chips fall where they may, this method is not working.

  • The third method we inquired about was flat rate boxes of food that are being sent in from the US. These boxes cost about $42 we were told and can be packed with as much food as they can hold. These boxes ARE filtering through. Many in the US are not hearing back from their recipients because agents in the Post Office are intercepting the thank you notes and just tossing them into the trash. We were given nearly a hundred to post in the US when we arrived home and we did that for the brethren. These flat rate boxes are being received with gratitude and thankfulness. They are fine and helpful gifts. There are two problems, as we were told however, One) is that you can only get about enough food in them for about a week. That is a week of food for $42 mailing plus the cost of the food. Two) is that while in Bulawayo we heard about stacks of these boxes, undelivered, sitting in warehouses, some broken open and exposed to rats. This is hopefully, uncommon, but that is what we found. Please go slow in discontinuing this method in all places becasue as stated above, when the boxes come through, they ARE appreciated, but...

We think that we can do better. We can feed a family of 6 for $50, for over a MONTH. If you’re reading this you are already on the website that can explain how this is done. Just click on the home page and start reading.