Information taken from brother Brewer’s October report, as he wrote it:

"…There are now San brethren coming from across the river. This is one of the most areas that need strong attention and constant visit. They need...

1. ...food

2. ...clothes and blankets. At one windy and cold evening they listened to me preaching to them by the fire side with some of the children completely naked.

3. ...to be taught and transformed from nomadic life to a general life like other people.

4. ...four donkeys and a plough as well as hoes to help them work in their fields. Cost of one donkey is $300.

5. ...seeds."

Note: If you would like to help with any of these needs above, please send your check to the OPERATIONS address in Indiana, NOT the FOOD account in Florida. All funds sent to the FOOD account in Florida go to food and transport. You can also designate your contributions to this need (the San people) by noting it on your PAYPAL donation. Thanks


Although not associated with OH3, Mac Payne is coordinating a work for the San people (the bush people who have become New Testmanet Christians) of Zimbabwe. Here is a report from brother Payne and a Windows Media File documenting the delivery of some of the blankets. Note that at this writing, OH3 has also sent $1950 in donations that were earmarked for this need of our brethren purchasing another 95 blankets and $50 for fuel. Thank you for your partnership. Mac Click here for full report and WMF

Mike Divis, co-director here at OH3, is still trying to raise $2000 for his travel expenses on this fast approaching trip. If you would like to help him as he does kingdom work in Zimbabwe, you can contact him directly at MikyyyD@aol.com. As well, to save precious funds used in wiring help to brethren, OH3 will be using Mike as our messenger.
1. Operating and advertising expenses for OH3 such as annual fees, printing, informational CDs that present the need we are working on.
Needs Met

2.  (03/27/09) -  Mountbatten Brewer is one of the main food drivers/deliverers for OH3 as well as a respected gospel preacher. There is an immediate need for travel expenses for Brewer to take a young girl to South Africa for treatment. This young lady is actually his niece, orphaned, who brother Brewer has taken in as his own. Her problem is a shunt placed in her head to drain fluid to bring her out of a coma she had been in last year as well as allowing her to walk and see again.  Her medical costs are being taken care of by "World Vision" and the doctor just wrote off his costs for the second time a few months ago, out of kindness. There is still a need however for approximately $1000.00 in travel funds for diesel and food expenses while there.  Brewer just made a trip and had to use his limited support. If you can help this brother it would be greatly appreciated. Here at OH3 we just wired $1000 from the operations fund to Brewer because of this immediate need. We couldn’t justify sitting on those funds when a brother needed assistance, but those funds will need replacing. 

3. A preacher in Zimbabwe walks 20 kilometers each Sunday to preach. He is requesting a bike that we can purchase in Botswana and deliver without a fee, for $200.
4. Education. A farmer and preacher, Stephen Moyo, has a daughter, Samantha, who has finished primary school and is ready for high school. For the average African this means boarding school including uniforms, food, books, etc. This IS the educational system in Zimbabwe and until now brother Moyo has done well just to keep food on the table. Would you consider a $200 gift that would pay all the above costs for Samantha for the school year beginning in January '09. This needs to be handled quickly if you would be able. To assist here, contact Mike Divis at mikyyyd@aol.com.
5. Halazof Moyo is 72 years old and was baptized into Christ in the late 40’s.  In 1959, brother Moyo began preaching the gospel.  He continues to this day preaching without pay.  He has never been supported in the work of the Lord, but supported himself by laboring with his hands.  With his advanced age and the long term drought, he has had to ask for help for the first time in nearly 50 years of preaching.  Brother Moyo is married, and has eight children, four of which are still in school.  He also has 5 orphans from his late daughter, whom he is caring for.  He preaches in a very remote area of Gwanda South, called Matomba.  Mike Divis traveled to this area in September ’08, and preached in the church building that brother Moyo built near his home with his own hands for the brethren to worship the Lord.  He is a worthy man, spoken of highly, not only by Mike Divis, but other local preachers, whom Mike personally worked with while in Zimbabwe. Brother Moyo is asking for a modest amount of $100.00 US per month.  He can be contacted at: Hlazof Moyo, Matabo Secondary School, Bag 5960, West Nicholson, Zimbabwe. Or you can contact Mike Divis at mikyyyd@aol.com and he will inform you of how funds can be wired Western Union and forwarded to brother Moyo.